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Why You’ll Never Succeed at The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies:

The medical lies of Big Pharma, if you believe them, could kill you.

From a Former Doctor Who Stopped the Misconduct

My name is Kenny, and I work for 365 Daily Health.

Additionally, I’m outing the massive marketing push by big pharma today.

How they’ve been covertly acting like a drug cartel, managing the distribution of their “pills” and “remedies” at stores…

How their 11 million dollar budget has damaged the public authority and research institutions that are supposed to protect consumers.

Similar to how Big Tobacco marketed cigarettes to everyone under the pretense that they were “sound,”

This time, though, nobody is stopping Big Pharma from lying right in your face.

This is because Big Pharma also has “strings” inside the FDA!

Allowing them to obtain their answers via a “bogus”

Additionally, they have a system in place to control the pharmaceuticals, and they have licenses that grant them limited creative powers…

Even though it only costs pennies to create, they have increased costs by more than 5000%!

Up until that point, I had no idea how far big pharma’s influence had permeated American healthcare.

My Purpose Is To Heal The Sick… Thus, I discovered

The whistleblower who was a former doctor

I lost my grandma to cancerous growth a few years ago.

She was a beautiful elderly woman, full of joy, empathy, and thoughtfulness.

However, that tragic infection quickly robbed her of her well-being.

Made her inclination ill all the time.

Moreover, erase the years of genius she had.

Additionally, after that, observing the deterioration of her condition…

I only gave out the most well-researched clinical fixes, which were cross-referenced in numerous clinical diaries and clinical preliminary reports. since I think my readers deserve the best information.

Not only that, but I also had “my hands on the ground,” traveling across the globe to provide urgent emergency aid to disaster areas in Asia.

Whether or whether it meant that I intended to put my life in grave danger by doing so,

I put myself in danger to recover from the wipeout.

The world is affected by this mission…

Led me to the “Ex-Doctor Turned Whistleblower” meeting.

I also have the distinction of introducing him to you today.

So please, pay close attention to what this informant has to say.

With “Stifled Medicine” That Has Healed Millions from the Middle East, China, Indonesia, and Japan.

These hindered medical treatments…

– Experience a reduction in tinnitus2 and the constant ringing in your ears

– Reduced joint discomfort and maintained a sound irritative reaction naturally without NSAIDs or painkillers…

Additionally, they could activate GABA, your body’s feel-good hormone3.

This serves as a typical painkiller and mood booster that operates normally (without secondary effects).

The explanation for why you were unaware of these treatments is…

This is due to big pharma having BOUGHT over experts, physicians, and even pharmacy stores.

Specialists rely on the Hippocratic Oath, but it has NEVER protected you.

Even the Hippocratic Oath was used by the Nazis to justify their cruel inspections. simply because

The same Hippocratic oath is already being used by big pharma to hold drug experts and specialists at “gunpoint” as they boost the price of their medications.

In the massive pharma cartel, professionals and drug experts are being used as merchants like never before.

Use yourself to your advantage when you need medical attention the most.

A “Gag Order4” Contract that was legally silent him from alerting patients to less expensive and more affordable medicine options was imposed on one drug specialist in New York in 2019.

For instance, the typical price of the diabetes medication metformin is $4…

However, due to the Gag Order contract5 with big pharma, they were forced to inflate expenses to $10 per container.

Dictionary of Natural Treatments

I saw how big pharma had been taken over by corporate avarice.

The CEO of the emergency room where I once worked earned $1.43 million6 EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

I was barely making ends meet while still managing to care for my loving spouse and our two kids.

In addition, I was maintaining his machine.

Using large pharma’s medications to damage my patients… I wanted to hurl at their misconduct because it was so nasty.

Martin Shkreli, the “Big Cheese” of Large Pharma, increased the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750. the most desperate patients become insolvent.

Additionally, when I observed the results of adhering to the ‘framework’ that I had learned in the medical care

I saw him get sicker. and he took advantage of each chance to return,

He sought more painkillers because his body had grown accustomed to the amount and needed more.

I informed him that I was at a loss for any further solutions. because he was almost going too far…

And when I said no, he didn’t stop.

Soon after, Johnny began doctor shopping, going from one physician to another to receive his fair share of pain prescription alleviation.

Additionally, when his dependency became…

To assist him, his better half would call me… and I had no idea what the reply would be.

Maybe she couldn’t remember him anymore, therefore she needed to be available at all times for any situation.

Additionally, this obligation began to consume me within.

I had lost sight of the goal for which I had been actively struggling.

I then remembered my grandmother’s excellent advice to go back to my principles and choose the best course of action, no matter how painful it would be.

My prestigious position as an expert comes with the great responsibility to help the disabled.

I decided to undertake my journey to save the American healthcare system after gathering my belongings.

While the majority of sensible doctors stayed in their cozy offices, I had had it with America’s dysfunctional healthcare system and needed to find a better way to restore the sick.

I traveled to Haiti to aid those who had been hurt by the tremors there in August.

Looking at the tests they conducted to support their treatments…

In Nepal, I discovered this “vasodilating”8 treatment for Johnny’s RA.

It had been delivered to the line was an outdated Chinese patch.

Additionally, they were using it to treat elderly patients at all of their facilities.

To bring this treatment back to America is still up in the air.

I specifically instructed him on what to look for and how to use this remarkable lotion, which isn’t made of glucosamine or chondroitin.

In addition, he was able to quit his “daily portion” in just three weeks, regain control of his life, and start living once more.

The “vasodilating” treatment developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine has been successful!

It has existed for a while.

He even kept in touch with me to let me know about his quick recovery.

“I appreciate it, Mr. Masaki. Without you, I never would have taken control of my health.

I can get back to my life and spend time with my kids and significant other!

I haven’t felt this adaptable and free in YEARS, and it’s all thanks to your advice.”

I realized that I had discovered a veritable treasure of effective conventional treatments, and I wanted to compile them all into a comprehensive manual.

I would concentrate on the examination, making sure to double-check each typical remedy I had listed in the book and finish the task while cross-referencing numerous clinical diaries…

I became aware that I couldn’t do it by myself and I desired a group.

You are provided instructions on how to obtain this miracle gout treatment over-the-counter for less than $10 in the most effective way possible.

Furthermore, once your body has ingested this fix, you can drink tea with this Latin spice in it.

The dangerous uric acid that is creating those challenging, spreading sores in your joints will begin to be separated by your body.

Even The Arthritis Foundation has recommended and approved this gout-flushing tea10.

This tea has a very high polyphenol content, according to German researchers from the Lodz University of Technology.

Which ALSO stops the calcium reserves in your joints from fraying…

Embarrassing Procedures Or Injections

Additionally, Using The Information in This Book…

You’ll discover the treatments the disaster specialists have employed to restore their patients.

Almost none of large pharma’s harmful, benefit-driven treatments.

This incorporates every standard recipe and health convention.

Normal herbs11 that resemble synthetic over-the-counter statins in function…

The greatest supplements to use for gout and inflammation of the joints are…

Furthermore, you can find ingredients at your local store that help treat cardiac sickness.

With these common treatments,

With the ability to find natural treatments for each of your problems, you’ll be able to save expensive trips to the doctor.

Additionally, in one minute…

I shall expose the biggest “benefit focuses” of big pharma.

Show you all of the common solutions for…

Promote cardiovascular health

Keeping your hallways free of dangerous obstructions…


Delay the onset of dementia and mental decline…

Diabetes Type 2

a pancreatic attack

low energy levels…

Numerous clinical studies have supported these treatments, ranging

– North American centers for irresistible sickness.

– North American otolaryngology facilities,

– American journal of gastroenterology

– European focal diary of well-being

– in addition, many additional health diaries from around the globe, including Turkey, India, and China…

These encounters you’ll have been rigorously examined to the “highest quality level” in the classroom.

Additionally, they have been put to the test in disastrous situations…

Additionally, experts travel from one end of the world to the other while escaping the influence of big pharma.

In that case, if it’s not too much difficulty, continue reading this letter to discover

Statin sales have consistently brought in 5.8 BILLION dollars for Big Pharma…

Even though they ARE AWARE that statins can cause twitching, headaches, and muscle pain…

Gastrointestinal issues 13.

In any case, eliminating joint pain’s negative effects… in up to 20% of patients!

Furthermore, these dangerous drugs continue to be promoted despite Japan having a statin that is completely normal and “artificially indistinguishable.”

It exhibits results similar to those of lovastatin without the side effects,

It is sometimes referred to as monacolin K.

Since 300 BC, this Japanese concentrate has supported heart health.

Furthermore, it’s one of the key reasons why Japan14 has one of the greatest life expectancies on the planet as well as the second-lowest rate of coronary events!

Your ears are usually just OK!

Everything revolves around your bloodstream, according to a recent Georgetown University Medical Center report16.

When there are numerous bloodstreams present… or insufficient blood flow to your ears…

Your mind receives a “neurological message” that displays a “false positive” sound.

Causing the “ringing,” “humming” cacophony that disturbs every aspect of your day.

Furthermore, that explains why improving the blood flow to your ears is practically the only way to treat tinnitus.

Ginkgo biloba17, a circulatory strain-directing spice, modifies your pulse… restoring your hearing in the process.

This is available for purchase at any neighboring supermarket, or you may even find it in a separate building.

A science known as the “pressure point process” has been studied for more than 2000 years.

Additionally, it is frequently used throughout Asia to treat a variety of health ailments, including kidney problems.

In addition, I’ve included 4 additional tinnitus treatments18 that you can use right away after purchasing The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies.

Additionally… You won’t have to worry about growing old and forgetting where you put your keys ever again.

You’ll discover that, even in your prime years, your mental acuity will remain largely unchanged from when you were a teen.

You also don’t have to worry about losing your priceless, authentic memories as you become older.

From now till the end of your life, every precious second you have will be with you.

Additionally, it is quickly absorbed by your body, being “shot up to the cerebrum” and providing you with “brain adaptation support” in less than 30 seconds.

Give it a shot for yourself!

You may easily form new associations in your mind thanks to our MCT oil, and you’ll regain the mental clarity you once possessed when you were younger.

Enable you to stay informed of conversations, and you’ll never again feel “abandoned” in the future.

Repairing the links between your left and right mind is the second step toward achieving complete mental well-being.

MRI brain scans of patients 60 years of age and older reveal decreased activity in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain…

Additionally, a neurotoxic substance prevents your left side from moving.

Since it even hastens cell death!

You can start your liver to get rid of this from your mind and put it to use to filter out the homocysteine in your blood.

Carotenoids, a naturally occurring chemical, are used to do this.

Additionally, as long as you consume the one vibrant green vegetable that I demonstrate to you on page 13…

Your homocysteine levels will start to decline by up to 28%, allowing your left and right hemispheres of the brain to reestablish communication.

Furthermore, maintaining peak brain function is the absolute last thing you want to do.

This is done to stop the growth of amyloid plaque, sometimes known as “cerebrum poison.”

The initiating proactive factor IS amyloid plaque.

As a result, you must rely on others to take care of you. when you experience memory “slips” and regain mindfulness in an area you are not aware of.

This is why you can start consuming the spice listed on page 12 that destroys amyloid plaque.

It activates your security framework and starts disentangling these mental “clusters”…

Allowing them to become out of control, enter the bloodstream, and be removed from your body.

As I traveled to locations of catastrophic events…

I took a similar flight to Sri Lanka.

Additionally, found a “characteristic sugar”

That may treat type 2 diabetes…

This suggests that you won’t have to worry about tiny cuts developing into deadly infections.

This means that without even a single needle entering your body, this deliciously sweet delicacy helps your body start a glucose-retaining reaction!

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies


It also…

– Widens your hallways…

Limits adversely sensitive reactions acting like an “allergy medicine”

– Reduces muscular spasms and fits…

– and prevents stomach ulcers as well!

When they used this common sugar in an “in-vitro” experiment…

According to lab reports24, it exhibits effects similar to insulin shots!

One of nature’s organic miracle treatments that big pharma doesn’t think you should be aware of is this one!

If you suffer from stomach pains, the following healing marvel is for you.

It can merely serve as a warning.

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms,

It has an endurance rate of only 5%.

With intense upper stomach pain that radiates to your back…

Your heart also begins to palpitate…

Suddenly felt like you could hurl…

It couldn’t just be stomach pain…

The connective tissue in your gastrointestinal tract may, however, be aggravated by the stomach-related acids due to an active pancreas.

If untreated, it could develop into a dangerous condition that fills your pancreas.

This mushroom25 extricate on Page 64 will cover your intestinal system’s inside lining.

Immediately reducing any of those challenging pancreatic attacks… putting a protective, relaxing layer over it to stop your stomach secretions from disrupting the phones around.

And assuming you’re normally exhausted…

Additionally, spring out of bed prepared to take on the day!

It doesn’t even consider your age…

The majority of your energy levels and digestion are controlled by a little organ that may be found just next to your Adam’s apple.

Additionally, if your thyroids are “shutting down” or “going into overdrive,”

No amount of sweets or coffee can keep you awake.

When your thyroids are not functioning properly…

– An unexplained increase in weight begins to creep up on you.

– You’re fighting to stay awake during the day and are excruciatingly exhausted.

– You constantly struggle to focus and think clearly because of a “cerebrum haze.”

Additionally, this can go unnoticed for five to ten years. long before you discover that your thyroid has been malfunctioning,

Considering that they aid in supplement retention and convert the food you ingest into energy and calories you may consume.

When your thyroids are operating in “overdrive,”

They induce an irrational “hyperburn” sensation in your body.

Implying that you won’t be able to obtain the rest you need…

Since your heart rate is through the roof and your body’s thyroid glands are flooding you with “horrendous” stress-related hormones…

Causing frequent, essentially unexplained emotional bouts in you…

Preventing you from being able to rest…

Leaving you DREADED and exhausted…

Yet again…

When your thyroids start to “close down…

Your body begins to contract as well…

Your heartbeat is far slower than what is normal. turning you into a walking zombie…

Reducing the rate of digestion and storing food as fat rather than energy, leading to sudden weight gain…

Increasing your dislike of the cold

Causing your muscles to deteriorate and separate…

Additionally causing rapid baldness

Because of this, The Secret To ENDLESS

Energy Is Created By An “Even” Thyroid!

I’ve ordered typical treatments…

both for thyroids that are too active and too inactive.

Section 1: “Dial Back” an Overactive Thyroid

Get Deep, Restful Sleep as Well

Use this common amino corrosive, which BLOCKS your cells from absorbing more thyroid hormones than necessary, when you flip to page 7626.

Additionally, you can discover the “Voodoo Lily” plant, which prevents your body from producing thyroid-related chemicals.

Furthermore, I’ve also added a pharmaceutical balm that will help you calm your mind.

Additionally, reviving oil will calm your mind and bring peace to the uneasy butterflies.

Additionally, for thyroids that aren’t functioning properly…

Chapter 2: “Wake Up”

Slowing Thyroid Function.

Launch your thyroid organs with sesame seeds, one of the top 5 regular sources of vitamin B.

Find the best selenium sources to help your body produce thyroid-protecting cell reinforcements…

Moreover, there are four additional strategies to help your body produce more thyroid hormones.

With these thyroid treatments easily accessible…

You Can Adjust Your Device With A Knob

Back To Thyroid Levels

The so-called “Goldilocks condition”

Where your body is receiving enough rest…

As you consume that stubborn fat, your body converts the food you eat into usable energy.

Additionally, you’ll always have a clear-headed, “cerebrum haze”-free brain available to you.

You’ll get in at the beginning and the finish of this.

The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia

This 35,000-word book contains more than 300 of the top treatments I’ve seen available worldwide.

With high-quality clinical research supporting each of these treatments…

For them to be more than just “people cures”

But rather tried-and-true remedies from the society that have been examined by experts under unfortunate conditions…

So you can strive to avoid depending on a system of medical services that are out to get you.

These common treatments are not difficult to locate and can be made using various foods and spices.

The 35,000 words in this book are easy to use.

Open the chapter list…

It could be joint inflammation,

Find a list of tried-and-true, everyday remedies to help your body heal itself from the inside out…

Start your journey to independent, reasonable well-being that is free of Big Pharma as well!

The primary cause of your ailment is explained by each component,

Additionally, it provides you with the top herbs, sauces, and medical practices.

The most effective way to diagnose, treat and cure more than 80 of the most well-known diseases elders today must deal with.

The following is a summary of everything you’ll find inside:

The best way to relieve a headache is with ginger

Avoid eating any of these seven types of food if you have a headache.

Spices that are “antispasmodic” can ease your period pain.

And these are just 14 of the 300 regular treatments that I can hardly keep from sharing with you.

I’ve vowed to deliver the most recent medical advance to those who need it most in my silent, small voice.

Additionally, under no circumstances should you ever believe the LIES of Big Pharma…

My main objective is to teach you these cutting-edge regular solutions.

To ensure that every American is aware of their options,

Additionally, they can make well-informed decisions regarding their well-being.

I believe you must receive more than just ‘cutout’ solutions for your health issues, yet if all else is equal…

You can view the entire selection of electives.

  1. A) Talk to your PCP… and receive constrained advice that Big Pharma has “sponsored” and “bought”…
  2. B) Become knowledgeable about all possible solutions, unintended consequences, and medications that your primary care providers advise… so that you can make a well-informed choice regarding your well-being.

I’d take option B right away.

You Have More Freedom With Option B,

Additionally, it provides effective natural remedies.

Defending You Against The Big Pharma Scam.

Imagine how it would feel…

To bid adieu to those “life-sucking” illnesses and disorders that, the moment you are sick, start working to prevent your retirement and bankrupt you…

On the other hand, leaving you fixed, dependent on medicines, making frequent trips to the ER, and

You’re in a position right now where you should be able to enjoy life!

Pay for your grandkids’ college expenses…

Spend meaningful time with your partner, friends, and family…

Travel in complete tranquility to the most remarkable and lovely places on the earth. without worrying about “pressing your prescriptions” or remembering to take your medications wherever you go…

When you’re ready to leave, move on with your life, and gather your belongings…

In essence, you purchase a ticket and fly to heaven!

On the days when you awake to lovely nightfall,

Moreover, slow down while holding a margarita ( drink with some restraint obviously )…

Taking a look back at how you’ve been living your greatest life.

All of this is possible once you deal

Taking care of the early-stage cells of pancreatic disease before they develop into dangerous bodily growths…

Converting each bite of food you consume into explosive energy that you can use to get through the day…

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies

Additionally, enabling you to live a flexible, unburdened life…

Where you are permitted to interact with the outside world and observe…

Without back pain, joint aches, or body aches weighing you down and giving you “blade-like agonies with every stride that you take.”

Today, you have the chance to regain control over your health and your body AND

Speak out against Big Pharma’s propaganda…

Tell them to stop telling lies.

Say “no” to the covert side effects that suffocate you to trap you.

Massive Pharma Has You In A

Chokehold for “Cash Making.”

Suppose you choose to simply listen to what your primary care doctor has to say…

Your retirement money will be getting closer to $0 every day.

You’ll also need to rely on your friends and family to make accommodations for you.

Your children will consider how they may “figure out” enough investment capital to cover the cost of your doctor’s appointment,

Aiming to provide you with the greatest medical care imaginable.

When you discover the treatments I’ve put together in The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies, you won’t need to carry this burden onto your children.

You will have the choice to SAVE MUCH MONEY and PREVENT diseases from tormenting you…

Additionally, use $48,000 a year can be saved.

The yearly budget for medical care…

Create a resistance structure…

Thus, even before the illness cells have a chance to spread throughout your body, they begin “hunting” them down.

Also, stop these cancerous development cells…

Before they have a chance to mature into any outgrowths that call for medical intervention.

Additionally, while enduring discomfort creeps up on you…

Where your joints begin to ache slightly more frequently in that region…

When each step begins to demand a little bit more effort and willpower than it once did…

You are now using the vasodilator cream from traditional Chinese medicine…

Additionally, the gout-flushing tea will relieve both gout and rheumatoid joint discomfort.

Moreover, never risk your life.

Huge Pharma seems like a corner drug store…

They don’t disclose the fact that their medications are made synthetically to resemble opioids like heroin.

Additionally, much like a vendor…

There is only one pill and one amount of solutions that are required…

To guide you and turn you into a lifelong customer.

Additionally, those unexpected side effects that appear as soon as you start employing their solutions…

Those are the only situations that will allow them to sell you their next medication.

Do your research and try not to fall for tricks.

Before you say yes to your primary care physician, take control of your health and understand your options.

Additionally, it has helped a lot of Americans regain control over their well-being.

Take back control of their well-being.

“My knees have been killing me for a while, and I was told that I would just have to put up with it… or undergo surgery.

As the aggravation worsened, I felt I had to cancel my itinerary plans with my significant other.

I will be 65 this year.

I decided for you to have a good outcome.

Presently, I don’t have to worry about my portability when I walk, climb stairs, or go anywhere I need to go! Thank you very much for giving me another rent of life!

I feel like a child again; I appear to be 23 years younger!

“My transformation was amazing.

I lost 40–45 pounds and have managed to keep them off for a year.

My blood sugar is normal. 

You Must Feel Young, Joyful, Full of Life, and Prepared To Seize The Day, As Demonstrated by The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies.

Nothing will stand in the way of you enjoying the retirement you’ve always wanted.

There are treatments in the Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies that could help you avoid spending a fortune.

Additionally, it costs $997…

In any event, you will receive it for pennies on the dollar since you are here right now.

Just on this page…

The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies is accessible for just $27.

No more waiting, please… request The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Furthermore, if you’re worried that The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies won’t provide you with ground-breaking information…

You Can Try The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies For 60 Days Here Without Any Risk!

Take advantage of The Encyclopedia of Natural Health Remedies right away by purchasing it.

If for some reason, you discover that the treatments do not help you, even though they have helped everyone else who has used these PROVEN old mysteries, or if you simply conclude that the cutting-edge health mysteries you discover in The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies are not for you, I am willing to give you a guarantee that is unconditional and good for 60 days.

The entire request cycle is secured and guaranteed.

If it isn’t really for you, or if you change your mind, I think you should

Solutions for the Deadliest Killers in America

You Pay Nothing is another option.

Click the add-to-truck button right now if you’re willing to make the wisest decision of your life.

An electronic resource is The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies.

This indicates that there should be no waiting for delivery or immediate access to these treatments.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies is accessible by computer, tablet, or mobile device.

You can even print it off and read it wherever you are.

Select the option that is best for your well-being and the well-being of your family, click the corresponding button, and then fill in your details on the following screen.

Why hasn’t my PCP given me this information yet?

Are these common treatments elusive?


Written by Arathi Ramanujam

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