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Top 10 Healthy Back Pain Relief Techniques: Back Pain SOS

Back pain
Back pain


Back Pain: Hello, in just 90 seconds, “Crap Protocol” Unlocks the Key to Removing Years of Back Pain

Demonstrated EFFECTIVE: 

Also, a great many ordinary residents

Fighting with constant back torment, sciatica, and herniated circles

Nobody saw the huge hindrance was past the point of no return.


BEFORE the city’s road group could paint dazzling yellow “alert” stripes or set up advance notice signs.

Back Torment Trained Professionals:

I felt I was going endlessly round around and around

Spending endless hours and many dollars on “back torment trained professionals”.

But nobody truly knew how to assist me with finding the exit out of the confounding “Agony Maze”.

Olympic Recovery Specialist:

A freak mishap took my life from me.

Until I met an Olympic Recovery Specialist on an excursion to Europe.

This will acquaint him with you in one moment.

He showed me a straightforward, 90-second stretch that was important for an old “crap present”.

Abnormal as this could sound from the get-go, it’s difficult to contend with the outcomes.

This is the 90-second stretch this Olympic Recovery Specialist utilized…

To help harmed-harming Olympic weightlifters go from the “sidelines”…

The award stage in the 2012 Olympics.

This development is so natural to dominate, you’ll have the option to track down alleviation ANYWHERE.

Additionally, it doesn’t make any difference what sort of shape you’re in OR the way old you are.

Control Center:

The 90-second stretch focuses on the “Control Center” of your back.

The “Control Center” is the Grand Central Station of association essentially every muscle, ligament, and nerve through your back.

When you find that focusing on your back’s “Control Center”, that is the point at which you begin to get your young, sound, and most important truth is so basic Torment FREE back… back.

He educated me and traveled back in time to when I was twenty-something in school.

I went to sleeping almost 23 hours per day to incapacitate back torment…

To Dancing Planting furthermore, Cookin once more.

I’ve FINALLY got my life back.

Torment Maze:

Hello, I go by Izabella Stambulski.

I believe you will know that assuming you feel lost and alone inside the “Torment Maze”

You’re not the only one…

Pain Maze:

Further, it isn’t your issue that the experts you’ve looked to for help… also, for replies… have just made you lose bounce e… while keeping you DEEP in Pain Maze.

Yet… the uplifting news is this:

This data I’ll impart to you today in this free report…

The ability to direct you out Pain Maze you’re living in at present.

Very much accomplished for me after my auto crash.

Further, very much like it has for a great many Americans.

Olympic Weightlifters:

More, it was accomplished for the Olympic weightlifters I referenced before.

The first-class competitors had rebuffed their backs in preparing…

Conventional Western Medicine:

A too long way past the expertise of “conventional Western Medicine”.

Also, therefore…

They were consigned to the sidelines.

How do you likely feel at this moment?

Most Olympians rebuff their bodies every day: 

Muscles, joints, ligaments, and spine as they pursue fantasies of Olympic brilliance

However, Olympic weightlifters?

This will take the cake about awful schedules that push their bodies BEYOND the limit.

If the basic stretch takes Olympians from the sidelines

Where they thought their fantasies were finished…

Directly to the platform, more, the sheer delight of Olympic greatness…

Envision whatever is possible, more, will accomplish for you.

Regardless at this moment, the aggravation is so terrible, you couldn’t twist around to get a grinning youngster, plant excellent blossoms in your yard, or take your canine for a walk.

Regardless you’ve previously burned through a large number of dollars on specialists and trained professionals… furthermore, you attempted each prescription and elective cure in the book…


Regardless you’ve asked the sky with your “SOS” for simply a little while of alleviation…

Regardless you’re experiencing devastating sciatica or a feared herniated plate.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

I strolled the last bit of that long, difficult, and depleting street.

This will need to assist with directing you through the labyrinth of back torment that is tormenting our country at this moment.

Shut your eyes and envision yourself doing the things you love, and haven’t done since your constant back aggravation started.

Envision harsh lodging with the excited, snickering kids in your day-to-day existence.

Envision being so liberated from the torment that you wouldn’t hold back from a skydive, assuming that made your heart sing.

This Envision the opportunity of not being restricted by the scourge of back torment.

Envision having your young back… back.

Imagine where there was a basic way out of the Pain Maze.

Answer that won’t deplete your financial balance

Another hand, expect you to pop the most recent also, potentially compelling pill.

This will not need a long time of treatment lounge area visits or on the other hand experiences with experts that mainly give you misleading expectations.

Imagine where all it required was only 12 minutes of your time.

Couldn’t need a 12-Minute, At Home Solution to your endless back aggravation?

At I welcome you, for your well-being… also, satisfaction… to watch this free report… the entire way to the end.

It I will uncover all that you want to be aware of to find help from unending back torment at last… so you can get your young back… back.

You see…

The absolute goal of ongoing back aggravation was much more basic and available

Then at any point might have envisioned.

Europe was on my schedule to visit my child who was earning his lord’s college education

I got the plane, and my better half saw me battle down the landing area incapacitated elderly person.

Her jaw hit the floor, as her eyes, saucers, loaded up with tears.

There was steel in her voice…

“You won’t leave my city in this much agony.”

On the extremely day, she acquainted me with the Olympic Recovery Specialist I referenced before.

He goes by Virgil Pruteanu.

I limped to his office, and he grinned at me with empathy also, with a certainty that started to give me trust.

His certainty was very much established!

Torment Maze:

Ordinary individuals that had seen the “Torment Maze” exit… for good.

Examples of overcoming adversity – EVERYWHERE

Like Joana S., said:

Or then again Michaela M. spouted:

“I was determined to have ‘untreatable’ lumbar scoliosis. After only one meeting, I feel perfect. This assisted me with moving once more. All around good Virgil!”

Virgil needed to get a modest bunch of back torment lies I had so unequivocally had faith in… for quite a long time.

The untruths kept me detained in my “Torment Maze,” and more regrettably, they held me back from carrying on with the daily routine I WANTED to experience.

Off any chance that you haven’t tracked down the exit of the “Agony Maze”… try not to be too severe with yourself.

The Healthcare System in America:

The Healthcare System in America it’s the most “progressive” on the planet has been broken for quite a long time.

Remember that similar untruths The Back Pain Industry… has held up as “gospel truth”… for a long time.

As Mark Twain said,

The 3 “Back Pain Lies” I want to believe at no point ever succumb to in the future.

LIE #1: Chronic Back Pain Is Like Death and Taxes – You Just Have to Learn to Live With It

“Much obliged Virgil, this is a wonder! I failed to remember how to grin.

I simply become acclimated to this aggravation.

You see how to fix my spondylosis.

Many thanks to you and I unequivocally this.

“Good job! I’m completely practical once more.”

At the moment, I’ll enlighten you concerning Dimitri, one of Virgil’s patients.

He’d experienced weakening back torment brought by a mishap

More, and was informed he just needed to “figure out how to oversee it” with pills and a wheelchair.

Dimitri was detained for 6 long years…

He found Virgil’s all-normal, back-torment remedying framework.

The outcome?

Tragically, the way the framework is set up gets you pursuing an interminable chain of intercessions… which at last end up being insufficient, best case scenario…

Also, greatly hurtful to say the least.

This persuades individuals to think their constant back aggravation is lifelong incarceration.

See this stunning news report that uncovered how the current medical services situation is manipulated to propagate this untruth:

“Torment Management” strategies like Rx Meds, joint squares, epidurals, plate methodology, and tendon infusions expanded by 95% in the 5 years somewhere in the range between 1998 and 2003.

What’s more regrettable, those equivalent strategies and methods dramatically increased… to 222% in similar 5 years… inside the Medicare populace!

The evil is it the Back Pain Industry focuses on the maturing age, exploiting us.

In Cahoots With The Opioid Industry

An “answer” with two horrendous issues. Look at this.

Further, as you’ll see in one moment, regardless of whether they’re against inflammatories (NSAIDs), these pills intrude on your body’s normal mending process…

Further, keep you in a never-ending condition of agony… furthermore, reliance.

Issue 2: Pain relievers… can be dangerous.

Americans. Are. Dependent.

What’s more, get these narcotics are 80-100 times more grounded and more habit-forming than MORPHINE!

Fentanyl, the most widely recognized engineered narcotic, has grown explicitly “Agony Management” industry that LOVES rehashing “clients!”

This is not difficult to see the reason why Americans represent almost ⅓ of the world’s fentanyl utilization.

Further, the Back Pain Industry… cares very little about you becoming tormented-free…

Narcotics = 3X More Deadly Than Heroin

Though narcotics kill 3x however as many Americans as heroin!

Recommending pills keeps on being OPTION#1 for the Back Pain Industry.

Imagine you’ve at any point been given pills… what’s more, were informed it was the answer for your back aggravation…

Back Pain Industry:

Back pain
Back pain

This is not a big surprise the Back Pain Industry needs to be quite straightforward, with all-normal examples of overcoming adversity like mine!

Ongoing Back Pain IS Reversible:

In opposition to the Back Pain falsehood, persistent back torment isn’t simply something you need to figure out how to “make due” with a day-to-day existence-taking solution.

It IS reversible!

Only 1 experience with Virgil’s all-regular System

I was at last WALKING… Torment FREE!

Done encounter the sharp, cutting, and singing agony I had battled with for quite a long time.

The delights I felt the day I became torment free…

Observing the words is essentially hard.

“Strolling, Leaping, and Dancing for Joy”

All things, I’m certain you can envision for yourself…

How you’d be if at this moment right now all you felt was softness and straightforwardness in your body?

This was during that first encounter with Virgil that he educated me regarding Dimitri.

Detained in a wheelchair for quiet after succumbing to the Back Pain Industry’s attack on his back with pills, infusions, and medical procedures.

He had at last been informed he’d simply need to “figure out how to live with it”

This ongoing back aggravation was super durable and irreversible.

He had a medication bureau packed with hazardous remedies, many of it was difficult to monitor.

Yet… through Virgil’s all-normal System,

Dimitri had the option to see through this awful untruth and ditch in his wheelchair Once more, what’s more, and begin strolling.

I Can Only Imagine…

You might at any point envision what Dimitri felt as he began strolling again without precedent for 6 years.

He felt like the weak man Jesus mended!

Oversee Torment:

Could you envision what your life will feel like when you’re ready to break up the conviction that you’ll need to “figure out how to live with torment” or perpetually need to “oversee torment”?

Everlastingly your destiny…

This is not too much trouble, know this: it’s false! Further, it’s NOT your problem for accepting so!

This is the consequence of an all-around run, monetarily boosted, drug publicity crusade that has been horrendously fruitful in keeping MILLIONS detained to obsolete conventions and back torment prescriptions… for a long time!

“I’m an alternate lady on account of Virgil. I languished for quite a while with a herniated circle. 

Torment Pills:

The wide range of various strategies I attempted (torment pills, infusions, methodology, and mitigating drugs) didn’t help by any means and was so costly. 

I need to express gratitude toward Virgil and I energetically suggest what he instructs.” ~ Liliana O.

There is HOPE. Further, it comes as one of THE MOST COMMON particles on planet earth

Further, I’ll let you know all that you want to be familiar with this one atom… in one moment.

This has to do with the “strange source” of pretty much every example of persistent back torment that you can imagine!

You’ve been informed enduring help for your constant back aggravation is a long, confounding, and depleting venture.

Further, that logical’s carried you to this free show today.

A great many people battling ongoing back torment

Seeing an endless series of trained professionals…

Bobbing starts with one methodology and then onto the next

Attempting muscle relaxers, against inflammatories, and physician-endorsed medications, trying different with risky infusions


While never tracking down an enduring arrangement.

The Solution… Is “Hallowed”

Imagine in which the response wasn’t close to as perplexing and strange as that multitude of experts have made it appear.

Delineation Virgil:

Does that hold the ONE key to opening back torment regardless of where it’s viewed in your back?

Even though it looks confounded…

It uncovers…

ONE SPECIFIC region most of your delicate tissue (muscles, ligaments, and nerves) – associates.

Keeping in mind that the life systems of the back look confounded it isn’t they?

Along these lines what free torment in ALL from us

Isn’t it tough to find little items?

Sacral Region:

Furthermore, Virgil uncovered that to me too.

Investigate this nearby of a similar representation.

Sacral Plexus:

It is viewed as your back’s “Sacral Region.”

Or on the other hand “Sacral Plexus”…

The Holy Bone:

The Greeks and Romans both named the Sacrum “The Holy Bone.”


The Sacred “Sanctuary” of Your Back

Do you perceive how “occupied” this region is, contrasted with the remainder of your back?

This is an extremely significant Sacral Plexus.

That is what’s basic for you to comprehend about this “Control Center.”

Further, in practically ALL of Virgil’s patients… fixing the issue of back torment…

Starts and stops… with your Sacral Complex.

This aggravation has an association with your Sacral Plexus.

Virgil saw something exceptionally disturbing persistent back torment.

90% of grown-ups insight back torment eventually in their lives.

Where Back Pain is NON-EXISTENT:

Virgil found something similarly astonishing.

A culture-wide day-to-day pose advances the soundness of the Holy Bone – consequently.

The day-to-day development’s important for “regular daily existence” – and it aiding keep these people invulnerable to persistent back torment.

You’ll need to realize that industrialized nations deserted this posture hundreds of years prior

Skeleton Key:

The “Skeleton Key” To Chronic Back Pain

That as it may the crude posture Virgil showed me, I’ll educate you concerning in one moment.

This is one KEY FIRST STEP in turning around back torment.

You can begin getting relief from the discomfort you need, need, and merit.

Settling and killing back torment is straightforward indeed, at the point when you know precisely where to begin: opening up Your Sacral Plexus.

How that the VAST MAJORITY of Americans experiencing persistent back torment… are as yet looking for that tough-to-find little item.

The MAJORITY of Americans STILL haven’t been informed that practically every back issue starts and closes with the Sacral Region.

Western Medicine is as yet kept prisoner by the strong Down Pain Industry which benefits by keeping individuals in agony and warding on a framework driven by Big Pharma!

A lot of Virgil’s understudies have gotten away from this endless loop like Maggie W., who said:

The aggravation was deteriorating over the long run. Nothing was making a difference. 

I’m confused. 

This is astonishing.”

Also, Nona M. wrote:

I ingested a ton of medications, including those that were giving me unendurable secondary effects. 

The aggravation was horrendous, unable to stand the light, and the commotion, I wasn’t eating, and I could do nothing, not rest. 

After only one meeting, my agonies vanished.”

What’s more, for good explanation.

Issue of Irritation:

Malignant growth… Coronary illness… and, surprisingly, Alzheimer’s.

In any case, you see… thus…


Celecoxib (Celebrex)

Diclofenac (Cambia, Cataflam, Voltaren-xr, Zipsor, Zorvolex)

Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil)

Indomethacin (Indocin)

Further, a small bunch of hazardous, “stopped” hostile to inflammatories.

The incendiary reaction is a NATURAL PROCESS your body goes through to fight against unsafe things poisons, diseases, and wounds.

Makes an issue. A BIG issue.

You are NATURALLY attempting to fix harmed cells in your delicate tissue, against inflammatories HIJACK this normal fix process.

Persistent Inflammation is Chronically Harmful

Further, the aggravation that at first brought mending… can become constant…

This implies it begins selling out you by going after your HEALTHY cells.

Harming your tissues, joints, surprisingly, your organs.

In the end, the ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FIRST methodology can aggravate things.

Numerous specialists refer to developing proof that the “fake calming” move hinders and defer, the recuperating system.

Upsetting seems to be, here’s where the third, and maybe generally surprising, the lie becomes an integral factor.


Virgil showed me, was that constant aggravation assumes a major part in back aggravation.

Shock – Your True Enemy is THIS

Irritation isn’t the evilest bad guy back agony, sciatica, or herniated plates.

But the evilest miscreant is called SOFT TISSUE HYPOXIA.

Because delicate tissue choking, the cells in your delicate tissue are famished with OXYGEN…

Your circulatory system conveys basic supplements of oxygen TO your cells.

The circulation system likewise REMOVES perilous waste and poisons from your cells.

Muscle choking closes down the fundamental interaction like a goliath detour.

The territory of HYPOXIA:

Poisons and waste get stacked up…

Further, new supplements like oxygen… can’t track down their direction.


They lose flexibility and malleability, and what’s more, their capacity to appropriately work.

And that implies YOU lose your MOBILITY…

These come down on the nerves coursing through the Grand Central Station of your Sacral Plexus…

The more you pull on the bunch the increasingly tight it gets also, and the more troublesome it becomes to relax.

Hypoxic delicate tissue without oxygen or supplements resembles a bunch that gets pulled yanked further, fixed from all headings.

With regards to your back, the intertwined hitched and crushed together your delicate tissue

The more profound what’s more, the harder to determine your ongoing back aggravation.


The Problem With “Mitigating” First

By distinguishing some unacceptable bad guy: aggravation…

Further, by missing the TRUE guilty party: hypoxia…

The Back Pain Industry… hasn’t helped you.

A great deal to take in, you might even feel double-crossed by the situation at present.

I realize I did!

Getting your young back is only a question of once again introducing Oxygen to muscles and ligaments that have been starving for a long time.

Envision THIS

Once envision yourself planting… cool as a cucumber.

Envision hitting the fairway or playing tennis once more without flinching in torment with each stroke.

Envision the existence you love, thus profoundly missed, back.

Presently for me…

I can’t see it was so amusing to hit the dance floor once more At long last FREE.

Virgil’s methodology is functioning admirably. 

I’ve experienced L5-S1 circle herniation. 

In any case, after the main meeting, my aggravation vanished.  Marian

In only one meeting I figured out how to dispose of occipital neuralgia that I was battling for around 3-4 years. 

It’s fourteen days now and I have no aggravation by any stretch of the imagination. 

Merry Christmas and an upbeat new year! ” ~ Maria N.

That could open up your Sacral Plexus…

One development at long last starts to alleviate the holding back torment you’re battling with, at this moment.

Imagine where there was one stretch

Lies letting that you’ll NEVER be liberated from persistent back torment.

Simply need to deal with back aggravation until the end of your life with a constant flow of pills, trained professionals, and medications

All while you PRAY for a marvel…

Couldn’t you need to know what it is?

The off chance that the response is the following are 3 things you want to know without skipping a beat.

It is the posture crude, non-industrialized societies use to crap.

Virgil refers to the first stretch as “The Himalayan King”

With the strong multitudes of the Himalayas, this posture began a long time back

Virgil took the crude crap present also straightforward change

Made a 4-Dimensional stretch, hugely expanding the oxygen hyperfusion of the posture.

Back Pain SOS:

Presenting “Back Pain SOS”

The thing a couple of Virgil’s understudies have said about his all-normal way to deal with banishing back torment:

Mihaela D. celebrated:

Much obliged you, Virgil, for everything. 

You pay attention to him, this is unadulterated gold and a supernatural occurrence.”

Back Pain SOS is planned once you have it in your grasp, you could express farewell to back torment until the end of time directly in the solace of your own home

Without seeing any other subject matter expert or on the other hand, getting on another baffling stand-by list.

Further, without spending one more dime on a protection copay or deductible.


Presently, before I let you know all that you get when you request the Back Pain SOS, you want to comprehend that this is more than an “assortment” of irregular stretches, developments, or postures.

Consecutive Oxygen System:

Virgil’s methodology depends on a movement he calls the “Consecutive Oxygen System” or SOS SYSTEM for short.

The SOS SYSTEM is intended to deliberately and dynamically open and opens up hypoxic cells to increasingly more oxygen… successively.

Back Extends:

Assuming you perform “back extends” in any irregular request… you can pass up the full advantage of them…

What’s more, in certain cases, on the off chance that your body isn’t prepared for them… certain stretches can cause more damage than great.

When you put resources into your aggravation-free back today, you’re putting resources into a framework that has been impeccably figured out to logically increment course, beginning in the Sacral Plexus… then expanding ALL OVER your back… profoundly decreasing your torment.

It begins in the one spot that makes the biggest difference: the Sacral Plexus, your blessed bone.

The Himalayan King:

The arrangement you’ll experience inside Back Pain SOS is a 5 Move succession that beginnings with “The Himalayan King.”

I will hit “stop” for a minute to tell you precisely how to play out this stretch then, at that point, I’ll keep showing you all that you get when you request Back Pain SOS today.

I maintain that you should begin encountering alleviation… when humanly conceivable.

This is the secret:

This is The way To Perform the “Himalayan King”

“My neck was so solid I was unable to move my head for about a month. 

Presently I have no issue. 

The present medication helps us to consume medications, our predecessors lived better and better. I suggest Virgil’s familial strategies.” ~ Vasile S.

Presently, just sit back and relax if you can’t play out this stretch precisely as shown at present.

What’s more, it’s been intended to offer you a huge advantage…

The “Himalayan King” is a squat that everybody I’ve worked with has in the long run had the option to do.

Whether it appears to be troublesome from the get-go.

Even Dimitri, who’d been in a wheelchair for a long time, in the end, got this stretch under control.

Begin Here

While keeping in touch without much wiggle room, start to bring down yourself into a squat.

Preferably keeping your heels on the ground.

At the end of the day, it’s extending the delicate tissues in your Sacral Plexus all over… also, side to side.

At present, you’re greatly expanding the dissemination of oxygen and supplementing starved cells…

Which diverts poisons… furthermore, diminishes aggravation… Normally

Then, at that point, with your elbows… push your knees outward.

The way into this oxygen-rich development is that it’s a 4-Dimensional (4-D) Stretch.

Decreased irritation RELIEVES the tension on delicate nerves in your Sacral Plexus… diminishing your torment.

The Most Powerful 4-Dimensional Stretch Virgil:

Presently, this is THE MOST POWERFUL 4-Dimensional stretch Virgil is aware of…

It’s so life-reestablishing for your Sacral Plexus, which is the reason it’s the absolute first of 5 consecutive developments inside Back Pain SOS.

After I could say that all my aggravation vanished supernaturally. Much obliged to you and I prescribe your treatment to everybody out of luck.” ~ Genoveva R.

Development #2 is classified as “Ninja in the Grass,”

This is a firmly monitored mystery of perhaps the most private military craftsmanship: Ninjutsu.

Development is explicitly performed for recuperation and keeping up with adaptability.

As a dark belt in Ninjutsu, Virgil “acquired” this mysterious Ninja move… so you also could gain proficiency with the back recuperation stretch Ninjas use…

To battle hypoxia… provide new oxygen to their Sacral Plexus… so they can keep their backs adaptable… indeed, even bendable.

Further, similar to this large number of developments, the more reliably you do them the more extraordinary your advancement will be since you’re showing your body an entirely different assortment of muscle memory.

Further, the more long-lasting your independence from back torment.

In only one meeting, my significant other began to feel quite a bit improved. I strongly suggest Mr. Virgil’s framework.” ~ Mariana D.

Presently… the third Movement is classified as “4 on the Floor.”

The one development in this grouping will require an apparatus.

I’ll show the specific item I suggest on Amazon. It’s just $7 it tends to be at your home in 2 days

Also, there’s an exceptionally huge explanation this particular ball is the ideal arrangement for “Four on the Floor”.

Here’s the reason.

You have 4 unmistakable nerves going through openings in your sacrum.

Virgil considers them the “Minister Nerves” in the sanctuary of your Holy Bone.

Minister Nerves:

What’s more, in 99 out of 100 cases Virgil manages, your “Minister Nerves” is the 4 nerves experiencing the greatest compaction.

“Four on The Floor” laser-focused on these 4 Priest Nerves

By utilizing an old pressure point massage procedure to focus on this area, you’ll be supporting your body’s normal calming reaction.

You’ll flush out poisons… diminishing aggravation… what’s more, revive the oxygen supply to your delicate tissue.

The Sequential Oxygen System… is genuinely needed #1 for your Sacral Plexus.

Presently, this development’s place in this succession is tremendously significant.

Since, in such a case that you did this posture messed up… without first opening up your sacrum with The Himalayan King and Ninja in the Grass… you could cause a ton of harm.

Virgil will walk you through this basic arrangement… bit by bit.

Back Pain:

After conceiving an offspring I stayed with steady excruciating back torment. 

The most straightforward undertakings turned out to be beyond difficult to do due to the aggravation. 

In only one meeting, I phenomenally recaptured my portability! Much obliged to you!” ~ Belle B.

The Astronaut Launch:

The following development in the succession is designated “The Astronaut Launch”… since you’ll be accepting the posture of our NASA legends at send-off.

Nerve Associations:

After the Astronaut Launch comes another pressure point massage development called

The “Strike 3 Pointer”…

Developing examination from Youngstown State University focuses to coordinate “nerve associations” all through our bodies… that when focused on appropriately, can help radically diminish back torment.

You’ll exploit a mostly secret association between one explicit spot on the rear of your hand… to your lower back.

You’ll utilize this straightforward, yet loosening-up pressure point massage development to completely accomplish every one of the advantages of the absolute first grouping inside Back Pain SOS.

Two VERY significant Notes on using this arrangement.

Number 1:

Most “stretches” or developments you’ll get from an alignment specialist, actual advisor, or kinesthesiologist, are normally “two-layered.”

At the end of the day, they will ordinarily extend your muscles in just two different ways: either all over the place… or then again side to side.

Consider the old “Sprinter’s Stretch” we used to do in gym class.

It’s an extraordinary illustration of a two-layered development.

It’s ONLY oxygenating your delicate tissue in TWO headings, fundamentally all over the place.

Nonetheless, these sorts of stretches give you not even close to the enormous advantage intrinsic in Virgil’s dynamic, 4-layered stances.

The effect this makes in oxygenating your frantic muscles and ligaments couldn’t possibly be more significant.

Your back can immediately turn into the malleable, adaptable, oxygen-imbued, and torment-free establishment it was the point at which you were youthful!

No other methodology is worked around the 4-layered SOS System.

Also your back, in all honesty, is starving for the oxygen the 4-D SOS System will give it!

Note #2:

Virgil stresses that the more you make it happen… the better your outcomes will be.

A portion of Virgil’s understudies go through it once in the first part of the day and once in the evening.

Still, others go through it 3x per day.

Still, others bend over (do it two times in a row)… morning early afternoon, and night.

Will compound furthermore, the more steady you are, the more continue you’ll insight from one day to another.

The Comprehensive SOS System

Presently… Grouping #1 is only a glimpse of something larger inside Back Pain SOS.

There’s a great deal more you will get in consecutive life-injecting stretches and developments!

Truth be told, there’s an aggregate of 100 stretches, developments, postures, and tension focus accessible inside Back Pain SOS!

Virgil exceeded all expectations… to make Back Pain SOS a complete manual for getting your young back… back.

Yet, once more, simply sit back and relax assuming that sounds overpowering… since Virgil fixes things such that unmistakable and straightforward as he consecutively walks you through all that you’ll require.

At the point when you put resources into an aggravation-free back today, you’re not getting an arbitrary modest bunch of developments, works out, and extends.

Getting a complete and coordinated system that will assist with making your back unbeatable to torment into what’s to come.

Symptom Checker:

The SYMPTOM CHECKER in Back Pain SOS alone merits the cost of affirmation!

Besides the Himalayan succession, the absolute first module you’ll visit will be the SYMPTOM CHECKER… which might merit the cost of affirmation all by itself.

Since this is where Virgil will assist you with surveying EXACTLY what your side effects are RIGHT NOW with your back aggravation…

And afterward… what’s far better… Virgil will direct you through EXACTLY what your FIRST STEP is… also, what your NEXT STEP should be for extreme help…

Virgil assists you with getting the data you want to get you doing great… quickly.

On the off chance that you couldn’t walk in the light of your back aggravation…

On the off chance that you can walk, yet at the same time have huge agony…

Virgil tells you precisely where to begin… furthermore, where NOT to.

Herniated Disk or Sciatica:

The Symptom Checker will walk you through a redid plan… regardless of whether you’re experiencing a Herniated Disk or Sciatica.

There’s even a way to assume you’ve experienced Fractured vertebrae or on the other hand on the off chance that Prosthetics are confounding your back well-being.

Regardless of your condition…

There is a redone, customized, bit-by-bit process that will delicately walk you through the means to take it at home…

To at long last get you the help you so frantically need, need, and merit.


In the wake of evaluating your particular condition in the SYMPTOM CHECKER, Virgil will assist you with going further into settling the hypoxia brought about by muscle compaction…

With DIY Solo groupings you can do without help from anyone else… anyplace.

This module is separated into two areas, one for low to direct back torment… also, one that tends to a higher force of back torment.

It will assist you With expanding the advantages of expanded course and oxygen supply… in the right grouping for your exceptional circumstance.

Since OXYGEN is the Cornerstone of this course, Virgil has added explicit 4-D Breathing Techniques that will improve every single development to boost your delicate tissue oxygenation.

Virgil’s seen direct the force of the right MINDSET… with regards to taking out back torment.

There’s an extraordinary segment on getting into… also, STAYING in a “mending” centered mentality.


Inside SOS SOLO SEQUENCE you’ll gain proficiency with the accompanying developments and stretches:

The development your mom would have killed you for! Be that as it may, feel free to put your foot ON the Table… so you can get your lower body and lower back in the arrangement… what’s more, get an additional portion of Oxygen… right where you want it.

By Standing… or on the other hand “flying” you have some control over the profundity of the stretch… also, the volume of O2.

Next is Bow to Royalty – a straightforward development using your kitchen table to “BOW”… all while becoming “Back Royalty.”

4 on the Floor 2.0 refocuses, yet is an adjusted adaptation assuming that your agony is excessively serious for form 1.

Resting Baby assists train and backing your spine with loving a dozing child… It’s one of the most unwinding, quiet, and oxygen-imbuing developments inside Back Pain SOS!

Rock and Roly Poly will delicately direct you through a unique development that prolongs your spine… while utilizing the initiating pressure focuses that send hypoxia hastening!

The Pillow Prayer development is a breathing development intended to augment Oxygen admission into your lungs… as well as into your lower back.

The SOS Partner Sequence:

Working with an accomplice will take your portability to an unheard-of level.

Accomplices can assist with expanding your scope of movement, give pressure where you can’t reach, and give help against gravity… what’s more, uneasiness.

This could be your significant other, spouse, accomplice, guardian, or even a grandkid who can help!

All recordings sections incorporate an unmistakable exhibition from different points so you can see “what it resembles.”

Also, Virgil gives extra Instructional recordings to the parental figure so they know the exact thing to do.

This module begins with the

“SOS Partner Signature Sequence”…

The percussive assist with opening veins and vessels, opening up areas of snugness and hypoxia.

4 Square Elbows:

4 Square Elbows – your accomplice will focus on the 4 “Top dog” Nerves with their elbows… opening up paths through your Sacral Plexus to fight hypoxia and staleness.

Knead Tool 4 Square – will follow a similar example, however with a $6 rub instrument.

Dashing Stripes – your accomplice will take the back rub apparatus and run “hustling stripes” over your Sacral Plexus… further initiating the sound incendiary reaction… so it works RIGHT. Poisons OUT… Oxygen IN.

The Jackknife – is a shaking movement that musically positions your accomplice’s elbows where they can focus on the Sacral PLexus… alleviating hypoxia at its source… by isolating delicate tissue that was once agonizingly intertwined. 

The Jackknife Opens cells so poisons get flushed out and Oxygen and Nutrients come hurrying in.

Notwithstanding the Signature Sequence, Virgil will give your accomplice point-by-point directions on the best way to give his best in-center developments something to do… squarely in the solace of your own home.

This extra section incorporates:

From Knee to Shining Knee – a knee wave that slackens delicate tissue

The Astronaut your accomplice stretches out your legs to the sky to deliver open up your Sacral Plexus

The Scissor Spoon – it resembles a spoon AND scissors consolidated… your back will LOVE it

The Twisted X – sets you up in a full-stretch way, absolutely distant all alone

The Puppy Pounce Push – in this interesting representation, your accomplice will give a delicate push that will be explosive at delivering back torment

Your back will adore you AND your accomplice.

Section 3 of Back Pain SOS is called SOS Massage Tools for Pain Relief

In the wake of testing perpetual agony-easing instruments, Virgil distinguished a modest bunch of basic devices that get the “SOS” Stamp of Approval.

More significant than the apparatuses themselves…

Since utilizing the RIGHT device… the WRONG way… can cause more damage than great.

Virgil will walk you through each device with basic guidelines AND with itemized video show.

Break New Ground:

Back pain
Back pain


As well as “Out-of-the-Box” apparatuses utilized in old societies, similar to the “Chinese Broom.”

In addition some genuinely NEW back rub devices like The Beastie Bar.

It charms and oxygenates your delicate tissues on a level that is truly unheard of.

This assortment of apparatuses is an enormous hit with weightlifters and competitors.

Very much like the ones Virgil got to the Olympic platform in 2012.

All because these instruments help relax muscles and ligaments experiencing awful hypoxia.

Kindly note: 

There are more ways of utilizing this device the WRONG WAY than there is the correct way.

Also, Virgil will SHOW YOU how to keep away from injury (it’s straightforward and simple in the manner in which he makes sense of it)…

Further, he’ll tell you precisely the best way to involve it for MAXIMUM advantage.

SOS Massage Tools:

These instruments are accessible for a base venture on Amazon, or a web-based store of your decision.


The last module is tied in with assisting you with tracking down quality partners… to help you and your back… Remain torment free.

Yet… who could you at any point trust?

Who might you at any point go to who comprehends that the response isn’t simply more pills and “mediations”?

Your time and cash are sooo significant…

Why squander it on unenlightened “specialists”?

What’s more, why risk a put-off because of an obsolete convention?

Couldn’t it be great to have a far-reaching rundown of “qualifying questions” – to assist you with isolating the goods worth keeping from the waste?

That is by and large the thing Virgil had as a top priority when he set up this rundown of inquiries you can pose to ANY expert…

Virgil needs to MAKE SURE you don’t encounter a mishap in that frame of mind with an aggravation-free back!

Let your concerns go… unequivocally… with Virgil’s indestructible rundown of inquiries (and answers)… that will rapidly and precisely recognize the partners you WANT in YOUR group.

Back Pain = Distant Memory

So your back torment keeps on being ancient history.

You have some doubts about any new “secret” putting itself out there as THE ANSWER to your persistent back aggravation.

All things considered, The System is set facing you.

The Back Pain Industry takes your cash… trusts you to make want more… all while not even once ensuring results.

Yet, that is NOT what Back Pain SOS is about.

Furthermore, it’s not what’s going on with Virgil.

It wasn’t so much that sometime in the past I was sitting right where you’re sitting at present.

Expecting a REAL arrangement…

Frantic for an aggravation-free life…

I had begun to surrender to the LIES of “tormenting the board” and “simply managing it”.

Furthermore, you will scarcely believe…

That hurt nearly as much as my back aggravation.

Be that as it may, when I, at last, figured out HOW OXYGEN can release the body’s normal mending processes…

What’s more, when I took in the specific strides to release that power…

That is when EVERYTHING changed.

Furthermore, that is the reason I’m so sure YOU’LL encounter a similar aggravation-free change.

So if you’re prepared right now to find how to use the force of the SOS SYSTEM…

Then you should simply tap the huge “YES! Add to Cart Button” beneath.

Particularly on the off chance that you’ve had to deal with the ringer genuinely… inwardly… monetarily…

Wasting time with the “following expectation” – that wound up transforming into misleading expectations.

It’s disappointing and collapsing to feel stuck on the Back Pain Industry’s carousel.

Luckily, Virgil grasps that disappointment…

For Starters…

For Starters, Virgil is offering you an extraordinary 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If Back Pain SOS doesn’t satisfy its guarantee to help your back become aggravation free…

We’ll send you your cashback!

What specialist, trained professional, bone and joint specialist, or advisor has EVER offered a FULL REFUND… on the off chance that you didn’t obtain the outcomes you need, need, AND merit?

What medical care proficiency has made you that sort of iron-clad assurance?

What’s more, that is also assuming you’ve burned through thousands on a medical procedure… that didn’t wind up working out as you’d trusted.

You can have a moment’s admittance to the aggravation-easing data that is worked for innumerable back torment victims.

I’ll ask you this once more: has some other back aggravation arrangement offered you an unconditional promise???

Yet, far and away superior to that…

Virgil needs to send you a modest bunch of rewards when you make a move today.

Reward #1: The Better Sleep NOW BONUS VIDEO (a $37 esteem)

Since your back made that essentially inconceivable…

You’re most certainly going to need to get your hands on this 4-Move, 5-Minute, get-to-rest quick, Bedtime Routine.

This 4 Movement routine incorporates:

  1. Astronaut Figure 4.1
  2. Astronaut Figure 4.2
  3. Two Towels and a Book (Bible) 1
  4. Half Crossed Figure 4 Twist

What’s more, it relaxes muscles and ligaments… particularly when sore and all-around worn from the day’s exercises.

“Much obliged to you sincerely! You reestablished my rest, I can at long last rest following 7 years of unpleasant torment, awakening like clockwork and experiencing difficulty falling back snoozing. 

Toward the beginning of the day, I was more drained than in the evening. 

This after just two meetings!” ~ Maria M.


The Second Bonus video is designated “Get going” ($67 Value)

In this strong 7-Minute daily practice, Virgil will show on record…

A “Drop Out of Bed” Easy succession that will assist you with beginning your day feeling more energy and imperativeness than at any time in recent memory.

DO THIS… before your morning espresso…

DO THIS… before your morning shower…

DO THIS FIRST… also, see how your mornings are changed from sleepy, tight, and sore…

To be ready, lively, and prepared to make the most of every opportunity.


Ensure you have a shower towel convenient for the accompanying:

  1. Lift, Pull, and Twist
  2. Pillow Top Roly Poly
  3. Astronaut Towel on the Toes
  4. Rocky Balboa with a Towel
  5. Reverse Rocky Balboa with a Towel
  6. Seated Towel on the Toes
  7. The Seated Butterfly


  1. The Bedside Scissor Prayer
  2. The 45° Walk down

Nothing could be of more noteworthy significance to your back and body… than a surge of oxygen, and supplement-rich blood to your entire body… Before anything else.

Assuming that you used to fear awakening on account of how agonizing and tight your back has been…

Get going aides make that fear a relic of days gone by.

Here is the fourth REVOLUTIONARY REASON to put resources into your back well-being today:

Reward #3 is a SPECIAL REPORT

It’s designated “Torment SOS: Nature’s Morphine”… what’s more, everything unquestionably revolves around how to alleviate torment 100 percent normally.

Listen to this: Life occurs.

Particularly as we age.

In any case, imagine a scenario in which there was a genuine option in contrast to popping an aggravation pill or a calming (NSAID).

Wouldn’t you need to have nature’s best aggravation-alleviating mysteries… right readily available?

Indeed, that is what’s going on with this exceptional report.

However, not any longer.

On the off chance that you make a move today, I’ll rush this elite FREE eBook to your inbox ASAP.

You can have relief from discomfort… without the aftereffects…

Without intruding on the normal mending process…

What’s more, it’s yours… 100 percent free by putting resources into your well-being today.

Try not to allow this asset to be lost to your reality. 

The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

Reward #4 is another select SOS eBook.

It’s an extraordinary report called “The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet”

This fifth and last SPECIAL BONUS… is a unique report you need in your grasp.

It’s an extraordinary REPORT on the best way to eat… also, what to eat…

To help your body’s regular calming reaction.

There’s a scandalous little tidbit Big Pharma likes to keep from the clueless public and that is this.

This is a direct result of a semi-secret cytokine that happens…

Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re not doing whatever it may take to PREVENT it…

You must find the option to capitulate to its aggravation actuating impacts…

You… also, your body… Should be in the loop.

Further, everything begins with WHAT and HOW you are supporting your body.

Keep in mind, that the fiery reaction in itself is NATURAL… it’s the way our body surges mending problem areas.

It just becomes HARMFUL… whenever it becomes persistent and over the top.

Virgil’s taken care of any outstanding concerns to give you a 100 percent FREE GUIDE to a definitive mitigating diet.

Here is the most amazing aspect… it won’t set you back MORE at the supermarket.

Set aside cash… furthermore, feel 1000x good for it.

It’s a WIN.

This fundamental data is readily available for your well-being and further, the purpose of your loved ones.

Picture THIS!

For one minute, I maintain that you should shut your eyes and envision carrying on with your life…

Liberated from persistent back torment.

Envision your life… where you’re not generally restricted by torment.

At the point when you need to.

At last, it’s what you need… need… also, merit.

Envision what it will feel like to have the delight of getting up each day…

Carry on with Life – BIGGER

It will NO LONGER make your life SMALLER… than it ought to be.

Envision a daily existence where you feel much better in your body… that an entirely different universe of potential outcomes is looking for you… furthermore, the ones you love.

You’ll get INSTANT admittance to the SOS System…

You’ll then have the option to affirm all that goes with your buy today…

When your installment is affirmed…

Moment Access = Faster Transformation

Get moment admittance to the SOS System so you can begin your change IMMEDIATELY.

Try not to allow yourself to experience one more anguishing second where you can’t zero in on everything except your distress.

What’s more, unequivocally… stop surrendering to the lies of The Back Pain Industry.

What’s sans more yourself from benefit-driven Big Pharma?

Here’s One Final Thought:

I believe that you should think about one last thought…

I need to welcome you to fail to remember all that you’ve been told about your back torment… as of not long ago…

I need to welcome you to consider your back wellbeing… not as a situation that schemed to keep you in the jail of ongoing back torment.

Recall Robert Frost’s sonnet.

Maybe you read it in secondary school… the one about “The Road Less Traveled.”

He talked about coming to a junction, what’s more, taking the less common direction by the majority.

This is What Makes The Difference

What’s more, how THAT… had a significant effect.

You stand… at this time… at a comparative junction.

On one side is the street cleared by The Back Pain Industry…

It’s a smooth and sparkling thruway… promising momentary increases through pills and intercessions that simply endeavor to stow away and conceal the genuine issue.

It’s the very street that a great many Americans have been channeled down…

Just to become frustrated… baffled… what’s more, deterred… at the point when they were advised they’d need to figure out how to “make due” their aggravation… forever.

With the perilous instruments, the Back Pain Industry gave them.

All with ZERO responsibility… also, ZERO assurance.

Is that the street you need to take?

The other street… is the street Virgil is focusing light on for you… at this moment.

It’s the less common direction…

The Back Pain Industry has been so clear… it’s muffling every other voice.

It’s this street that can furthermore, will have a significant effect.

Since the outcomes are genuine… so genuine they’re ensured.

So… which street will you travel to?

I genuinely trust that it is for your good of you… also, for your friends and family… that, similar to me… you’ll pick the less common direction…

Since it WILL have a significant effect.

Assuming you’re prepared to turn the tables on your unending back torment… for the last time… click the button underneath…

Also, recall, if under any circumstance you’re not 100 percent happy about your outcomes…

At this moment.

I know unhesitatingly… that you merit it.

I want to believe that you do, as well.

What Others Are Talking about:

“Thank you kindly for how this helped me! I had regular migraines and a terrible general condition. 

I can say that now I feel improved. 

“Virgil “fixed” me after conceiving an offspring. 

I need more words to say the amount I value his framework. 

This was the recuperating contact I wanted.” ~ Angela M.

I prescribe him to every individual who’s in aggravation. This works. Also, without ingesting medications.” ~ Loredana S.

“This works marvels. I had a herniated plate and I feel better after just a single treatment meeting. 

I prescribe Virgil to any individual who’s in aggravation. Attempt just a single meeting and you’ll feel astounding.” ~ Nicolette P.

I experienced issues thinking, resting, and awakening. Be that as it may, NOT ANYMORE. I thank you in all sincerity!” ~ Vance T.

“After only one meeting the aggravation was mitigated. The following day she was a renewed individual, more enthusiastic, and she had such a brilliant face. It was something I hadn’t found in quite a while.” ~ Angie W.

Knowing the dangers of this medical procedure I looked for choices. 

Nothing I had tracked down had an effect, yet after only one meeting with Virgil’s framework, the aggravation vanished. 

What he’s instructing is working impeccably!” ~ Marian I.

“My herniated circle incited terrible torments. 

I was unable to envision how extraordinary it is life without them. 

Further, indeed, you were correct, I feel extraordinary at this point. 

Much thanks to you!!” ~ George L.

“Well, without a doubt thank you, Virgil!!! I realize individuals are suspicious, yet I suggest him with the utmost sincerity. 

Simply attempt one meeting, you might as well go for it, thus much to acquire: 

After only one meeting, I’m more torment free than I naturally suspected I could be. 

I’m happy I took this choice. 

If by some stroke of good luck, I might have done this sooner, I would’ve set aside cash and time.” ~ George M.

I had enormous agonies. 

Just Tramadol and Lyrica drugs chipped away at me. 

I attempted Virgil’s framework. 

I was hopeless to such an extent that it couldn’t be more awful. 

After one meeting, I got up on my feet. 

The shivering was gone, the deadness also. 

Following one day my back aggravation was gone, for me, it was a supernatural occurrence. 

To go to that hellfire that comes after a medical procedure and burning through a huge load of cash as I attempted, Virgil’s framework first. 

My significant other couldn’t trust the supernatural occurrence!” ~ Drex S.

After only one meeting, I’m a renewed individual. 

Today I move so unreservedly and that is simply because of Virgil’s astounding framework!” ~ Geta S.


Hello, on the off chance that you’re still here, you might in any case be pondering your request, which I thoroughly comprehend.

Here are the top inquiries I get in my inbox… what’s more, the responses that could be useful to you at present.

Each move and stretch in the program is intended to work for EVERY body. 

He comprehends that not every person comes into this program very adaptable. 

Keep in mind, this is the framework that assuages my back aggravation… whenever it was in such a lot of agony I could barely walk!

Question: Will this function be admirable for people?


Even though people have slight varieties in their life systems, the essential construction is as yet unchanged. Virgil’s groupings have helped an equivalent measure of people.

Question: What assuming I’m north of 65? Will this work for me as well?

100 percent YES. 

Virgil worked on changes to this program so you would not need to stress over sorting them out yourself. 

His program will direct you through every single step so you can have certainty you’re making the best choice, with flawless timing.

Question: What if this doesn’t work for me?

Your confidence in Virgil’s framework is 100 percent secured. 

He’s so sure you’ll encounter genuine outcomes that he’ll and by discount 100 percent of your speculation… for an entire 60 days after your buy.

Question: How does my data remain careful?

This is the very thing that will happen when you click the “add to truck” button. 

You’ll wind up on a 100 percent Secure handling stage on ClickBank’s best-in-class installment door. 

Your data is electronically scrambled with similar safety efforts utilized by Amazon and the US Military. ClickBank’s foundation is trusted by more than 200 million clients in more than 190 nations. Furthermore, it’s evaluated as A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Question: What types of installment could I at any point utilize?

You might utilize a credit or check card or PayPal to finish your buy.

Question: Will there be covered-up charges?

100 percent No. 

This will be a one-time secure venture… what’s more, you’ll have the option to get to all that I recently referenced.

Many thanks for putting resources into your back well-being by watching this free show. 

I can hardly hold on to catch wind of your back well-being change in the days to come!


Written by Arathi Ramanujam

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